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Season Kent

Season Kent is an award-winning music supervisor who helps storytellers convey emotion to audiences through song. Whether it’s Lord Huron for 13 Reasons Why, Charli XCX for The Fault in Our Stars, or Twenty One Pilots for Suicide Squad, Season’s impeccable taste has helped her soundtracks go platinum and earn Grammy nominations. Through her 15 years as a music supervisor on 50 film and television projects, she has contributed to a range of projects from the Academy Award-winning drama, The Fighter, to Fox’s critically acclaimed Love Simon, to the party-starting Magic Mike XXL. She recently worked on the box office hit, Shazam. As the television landscape evolves to feature more hit songs, Season has leant her skills to a full range of comic book adaptations, including Marvel’s Luke Cage, DC’s Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, and the ever-popular The Walking Dead franchise. Her work has been recognized twice by her peers at the Guild of Music Supervisor Awards earning trophies for The Fault in Our Stars and 13 Reasons Why. Season currently resides in Los Angeles.

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